T. L. Dasha
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 192

Jacob Conner is never getting married. Not now, not “someday,” and certainly not when he’s black out drunk at his sister’s wedding in Las Vegas. The whole “waking up in an unfamiliar hotel room with a ring on his finger” thing was probably just a coincidence. Definitely.He doesn’t have much time to dwell on it anyway, as Aaron Craig, his boss, assigns him to be the glorified baby sitter for his older brother for the week. Trevor Craig is as obnoxious as he is handsome, immediately pushing all of Jacob’s buttons and all of his boundaries. With one brother trying his patience, and the other acting unusually friendly, Jacob’s starting to wonder if he’s going to survive his work life long enough to find who put that ring on his finger.I Do (Not) is a LGBTQ+ Male/Male Romantic Comedy of billionaires and big mistakes, with a love triangle from all three points of view.
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4.5 stars from 13 ratings
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