P. Shift
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Pages: 46

Introducing “Marriage With No Argument” Discover YOUR New Guide to a Better Marriage by Bestselling Author P.Shift!"Great read. Concise, straight to the point, and practical. Great book" by A. KayThere’s nothing more frustrating than a marriage that turns with time from a love story into a day to day routine, by a couple counting days in a life where emotional bank accounts are totally empty and any discussion can simply turn into a threatening argument.Are you living such a relation? Are you going to allow your marriage to explode ending the life you’ve always dreamt of with a partner that once was your one and only?If you are reading this then you have probably passed the honeymoon stage in marriage, when everything seemed perfect and you felt you had a total rapport with your partner.In this book, we show you in 34 easy to follow steps how to live a marriage free of argument ...
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