Jennifer Youngblood
Publisher: Arbor House Books
Pages: 190

Football was his passion, until a tragic accident changed everything. Will a spunky reporter be able to help him get back into the game of life?Jayden Russell is ticked about her puff-piece assignment to interview the eccentric billionaire Lillian Yates about a hidden treasure she’s giving away to the lucky person who finds it through a series of clues on her website. Jayden isn’t excited about venturing out to the small, remote town of Remember, especially when it’s so close to Christmas. In a strange turn of events, Lillian Yates gives Jayden a clue about the treasure’s whereabouts. Jayden sets off on a wild goose chase that lands her in the arms of a burly mountain man. Jayden soon finds herself snowed-in with the enigmatic Cannon, who’s not her type at all! Why does she feel so drawn to him? What secret is he hiding beneath that scraggly beard?As Jayden sets about to ...
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