Hourly History
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Discover the remarkable life of George Orwell...Free BONUS Inside!George Orwell, the son of a British civil servant, spent his life promoting social justice and equality while fighting against totalitarianism and elitism. His two best-known novels, 1984 and Animal Farm, depict the ultimate horror of a totalitarian government.Orwell wrote with passion about what he believed. Eighty years after their publication, his novels are as relevant as ever. Citizens are spied on by CCTV cameras. Smartphones track people’s movements and activities. These same citizens give up their privacy not through government force but through the internet and social media. In many ways, Orwell’s dystopian future is the present in which we live.Discover a plethora of topics such as Early Life as a Police Officer in Burma Fighting in the Spanish Civil War Orwell during World War II Animal Farm and 1984 Late ...
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