Delaina Netherland Smiley
ASIN: B08155NR5N
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 197

Cassie McWilliams is completely committed to her work as a professional sportsphotographer, president of The Santa House Women’s Charity, and helping her familyin their hometown diner, which leaves no time for romance—and that’s perfectly finewith Cassie. She has no interest in trying to squeeze dating into her busy schedule.Officer Talent Marshall is a new recruit to the police force and the newest bachelor intown. All he wants to do is start over, away from the shadows of his past, but when hemeets the beautiful and smart Cassie, his priorities suddenly change. And when he’sassigned to security detail for The Santa House, he’s one step closer to getting exactlywhat he wants.As Christmas approaches, their attraction grows, but when Talent is called to help find amissing child, their relationship is threatened by raging waters, leaving Cassie to realizeone very important ...
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