Jeremy Sutton
ASIN: B0815Y2QG7
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 31

The Guide to Crushing The Unrealistic Fears of Becoming A Self-Published Author!!! 20 MINUTE READ !!!Give yourself permission to become and author and to be yourself, and accomplish your dreams!This self-publishing formula breaks 22 unrealistic fears that future authors have stated as reasons they haven't pulbished their books yet!This is no self-publishing for dummies project. This breaks down real fears that real people have said  are holding them back. Whether you are sel-publishing fiction or nonfiction books, this guide will improve your confidence and get you on the path to a best selling author!This quick-read is a great place for self-publishing beginners to start learning how they can be a successful author on Amazon and beyond!!!! 20 MINUTE READ !!!
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