Sarina Dorie
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 83

Magic. Mayhem. Mystery. Freedom has a price for those afflicted with curses. Lucifer Thatch, devilishly handsome Witchkin extraordinaire, had given up everything to be with Abigail MacQuillan, the witch he loves: his human body, his comfortable life as a powerful apprentice, and his magic. For thirty long years he has endured living in the Morty Realm, putting up with Abigail’s husband, adopted children, and being trapped in a form he hates. When spies from the Raven Court threaten Abby and the life they’ve built in the Morty Realm, Lucifer has newfound reason to become a human again and embrace his powers to protect the woman he loves. Yet freeing himself seems impossible. Lucifer has been cursed to spend eternity as a cat. He will do anything to free himself, but what if the cure is worse than the curse? This is a spin-off series of Womby’s School for Wayward Witches and The Trouble ...
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