Chloe Vincent
ASIN: B081DD22G8
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 140

Royal vs. Warrior ★ Let the battle of wills commence! It’s been several years of hard work, but finally Cara, a talented warrior fae, is about to graduate from The Brunswick Academy for Gifted Girls.There’s just one test left: Complete your assigned Mission. Find your Mate.First off: Cara has no interest in taking a mate. Definitely not now, when she’s just about to start her life. And maybe not ever. But she fully plans on ditching whatever chump the fates have lined up for her, so she can just let that part of the assignment go. Secondly: The assigned Missions have just gotten a whole lot harder. The Oracle has her hunting down some long-lost totem, with nothing to go on! Oh, and don’t worry, it’s only the fate of the supernatural world that’s at stake … Now, she’s charged with guarding some annoyingly sexy Fae Prince, while she tries to complete an impossible mission. The cocky ...
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