Geoffrey Angapa
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 230

All the unexpected, singular events we witnessed and were a part of; the places we reached, if places they could even be called; the slow workings of Time, when even Time itself was thrown into doubt—all these and more are a strain even to set down in the right words, being fleeting to the touch; but I will try my best, setting down what we saw, felt, and witnessed. It may seem jumbled at times, even nonsensical, but it was the characters themselves who were the glue that bound the story together, across the reaches of Existence, when even the orders of Space and Time seemed uncertain and in danger of crumbling.When Geoffrey begins working at City Hall, he soon meets a remarkable person whom he cannot get out of his mind, a mysterious maiden named Simone; but an unprecedented turn of events carries them to a world which seems like a muddled version of their own. Carrying elements of ...
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