Selina Langenscheid
Publisher: forgotten mourners publishing house
Pages: N/A

Oliver Loses His Little BrotherA Heartwarming Grief Book For Kids After The Loss And Death Of A Brother Or Sister.After Oliver the little turtle boy finds out that he soon will be a big brother, he is incredibly excited. He has the wildest dreams of what he wants to do with his new mate. Tragically, his brother passes away before he even hatches out of the egg. In the time that follows, Oliver struggles to understand his feelings and the sadness that surrounds him and his family. The empathetically told children's book accompanies Oliver´s journey on beautifully illustrated pages to overcome loneliness, grief and his struggling feelings. It is a compelling message of hope arising from grief and the power of loving family relationships offering shelter in times of need.This therapeutic book is primarily intended to comfort and accompany children in grief and loss. For both parents and ...
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