Logan Byrne
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 740

The mortal and magical realms are about to fall. Kiren Nightstorm, the rune mage I saw in my dreams, is doing everything in his power to enslave the magical realm and wage war on the mortals.My entire life I’ve been nothing in the eyes of society. A magicless orphan, I turned to crime and pickpocketing just to survive. That was until a shadow mage called Mirian came to me one day and told me I was magical, and my purpose was so much greater than I ever could’ve hoped.Not only am I a mage, but I bear the Mark of Merlin, and I’m one of the few alive who still does. Now I must learn a lifetime of magic quickly before I can infiltrate M.A.G.I.C., the magical law enforcement agency tasked with protecting the magical realm. The problem? Kiren has the force in his back pocket.With a jaguar shifter partner and werewolf boyfriend, I pray I can master this immense power and stop Kiren before it’s ...
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