Anthony E Thorogood
Publisher: Burgoyne Publishing
Pages: 83

A book about a brilliant invention, the bicycle. It's about the joy of cycling, it peels back the myths of the cycling fraternity and exposes the bicycle in all its unadulterated beauty. The book is about being a boy on a bike or a girl on a bike and it's overriding message is that the bicycle is for everybody to enjoy. 'Entertaining informative and funny.' Reviews: 'Thorogood is one of my favourite authors and he easily makes you fall in love with cycling The author covers the history of bikes and cycling in his usual quirky style, he would have been a brilliant teacher, and he makes it really interesting. I enjoyed the descriptions of the many places traveled and as a cyclist I found it entertaining, challenging and in parts, so funny.''For bike and cycling enthusiasts, past and present, this is a highly entertaining and informative book, written in a humorous style with bite sized ...
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