Augusta Broers
ASIN: B081S8V1T7
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 251

Magic is real. Too bad it could kill him.Rafael knows that life can be capricious. But who would expect to wake up in the Dreamland?He is one of the magically gifted young people who are destined to become Guardians Of Dreamland.However, he has other plans for his life. One of the exclusive spots at the soccer academy is waiting for him. So, escape it is.Except his magic doesn’t seem to comply, he is caught in a web of deceit and betrayal, and a flight might not be the better option, after all. Furthermore, Centisom itself – the magical academy – seems to harbor dangerous, ancient secrets.If Rafael wants to survive, he must learn to navigate Dreamland’s treacherous magical world, dodge the bullies and learn to rely on new friendships.When the DarKNight arises and threatens to destroy the Dreamland, Rafael must redefine his loyalties. Soon, he’ll have to choose between his old ...
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