Derrick Newton
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 148

Summary:Life-long criminal and serial killer Billy Dew barely escaped the explosion of the vehicle he’s stolen, but the explosion has left almost nothing behind. Burned and battered, Billy takes refuge in a wooded area until his cousin comes looking for him. With his cousin’s help, Billy flees to Mexico, while Oakland PD are more than happy to believe the frightening Billy Dew died in the explosion. However, without any sign of remains, persistent reporter Jesse Fingard isn’t totally convinced.Jesse believes his suspicions are confirmed when he discovers a terrifying story about missing children in Puerto Vallarta. Unfortunately for Billy, he’s right – Billy has become too comfortable and hadn’t fully thought through the consequences of fulfilling his blood lust.Now, Jesse pursues a man everyone believes to be dead in the hopes of saving children – and his career – while ...
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