Henry Roi
ASIN: B08224WR6T
Publisher: Terminal Velocity - A Next Chapter Imprint
Pages: 160

Elaborate cons, impossible heists and high-speed chases were his thing.His talent in boxing and engineering made life a gamble with death he never wanted to quit. Then, he left the world of crime with his woman, a blonde bombshell also accomplished in boxing, and his engineering equal.But their late boxing coach gives them a reason to return to their past life; his will instructs his former pupils to join with other talented individuals to form a team - and finish the job Coach Eddy started before he was murdered.Praise:★★★★★ - "Roi deploys his usual economy with words in this fast paced noir thriller brimming with out of the ring fight scenes. The author clearly knows his theme."★★★★★ - "Edgy, raw, tense with a pleasing touch of the futuristic, A Dying Wish is very much a four-to-the-floor race of a read, tempered only by Razor’s self-reflective moments. Recommended."
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5 stars from 6 ratings
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