Elise Faber
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 182

She was a laughingstock.A hippie. A tree-hugger. A granola, crunchy, millennial who worried about how her food was grown and what she put into her body and GMOs and . . .Had a secret chocolate addiction.Because even though she cared about all of those things, a girl had to live too. And Rebecca couldn’t live her life without 90% Cacao Super Dark Chocolate.Addictions aside, it was her job to help keep the players on the San Francisco Gold healthy and she was damned good at it, so her hippie, granola background (and maybe also her PhD in Nutritional Sciences) had come in handy, at least to some degree.Especially since the team had taken home the league’s top prize last season.Unfortunately, not everyone thought her contributions were important.In fact, some people—cough one Dr. Gabe Carter—thought her position with the team was unnecessary. He thought her diet was too restrictive, her ...
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