Linda Ross
ASIN: B0829DX6P2
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 206

Tabloid reporter Aretha Moon has a problem. And it's not just that she's overweight, menopausal, divorced, and has to make up the tabloid's weekly horoscope, all of which make her a tad cranky. Her editor, Lorenzo Mayo, wants her to cover the gruesome murder of her sister's employee during the annual Tom Sawyer Days in Hannibal, Missouri. As Aretha digs into it, she uncovers a web of sadistic high school pranks from the past, perpetrated by the Cat Pack, rich girls who lived to humiliate their classmates. . . until they didn't. Now two of them are dead, and someone is targeting the others. Fueled by cheesecake and diet soda, Aretha sets out to find out who has it in for the Cat Pack. But along the way she makes herself a target for the killer, and only a good-looking detective and a poodle with a weak bladder stand between her and a grisly end.
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