Tiffany Shelton
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 89

Instant Pot College Cookbook - Your Personal Guide to Get Healthy Food Onto Your Student's table Fast and Easy!From now on, the pressure of cooking will only affect the food in your Instant Pot and not your student life! The result will remind you of mom’s homemade meals, give you energy and time for activities while saving money on overpriced cafes or take-out.Our college recipe book offers 70 easy and tasty home-style meals adapted for the Instant Pot, including dishes from most popular cuisines of the world. It has such traditional recipes as Asian pork and chicken noodles, delicious Italian pasta, piquant Mexican chili, nutritious Mediterranean fish and many others! It even provides improved, healthy hot dog and taco recipes!The perfect gift for every college student who's obsessed with new Instant Pot - starts with introductions to the Instant Pot, and explainers on how pressure ...
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