Alexa Land
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 106

Jed and Dakota couldn’t be more different. One’s an overly cautious, nerdy workaholic who just can’t seem to loosen up. The other’s a hot, tattooed bar owner who doesn’t take anything very seriously.An undeniable attraction flares between them when they get stuck in a cozy cabin right before the holidays. All too soon though, the storm passes and they’re back out in the real world. There are a million reasons why this should be nothing more than a weekend fling, including the fact that Jed’s life is in San Francisco and Dakota’s is in the Sierras. Plus, Jed’s demanding career doesn’t exactly allow time for a social life. But when something feels so right, can either man just walk away?Or will two total opposites figure out how to make it work, despite all the obstacles in their path?This light-hearted holiday romance is set in the world of Alexa Land’s Firsts and Forever Series. While ...
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