K.M. Raya
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 379

A STANDALONE Reverse Harem Zombie Apocalypse love story! You learn a lot about people when the $#!* hits the fan. You learn who to trust, who to rely on... who to watch out for. Me? I learned not to get too close to people, because one day I'll probably have to put a bullet between their eyes.My friends and I got lucky... if you could call it that. We've been traveling North for exactly a year dodging baddies, looting the ruins of what used to be the United States and avoiding the snapping teeth and grabby hands of the undead. A year on the road has been hell, and after getting trapped in a burning warehouse full of walking corpses, getting rescued by a ragtag group of hotties just seemed too good to be true. I don't trust these guys, no matter how much my heart and my... body would like me to. But we need the help getting North, and if I end up having to waste these savage, beautiful ...
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