Austin Grayson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 415

Jake Brandt, a young gunslinger and former bounty hunter, travels to Jenkins Bend seeking his fortune, or at least his next job. Little does he know that the sleepy little town will soon be a firestorm and he will be caught right in the middle. With Indians lurking around and thirsty for blood, he knows that he needs to stop them from attacking the village. Is his fearlessness enough to help him in this risky mission?Jake's life becomes more exciting when he meets Emily, daughter of one of the wealthiest ranchers in the area, and he is instantly attracted to her. Even though he longs to get to know her better, his priority now is to trace the Indians, find out their plan and protect Jenkins Bend. His mission becomes even harder when a greedy shadowy figure's betrayal will change the course of events. Are Brandt and the townsmen truly prepared for the approaching threat?With a traitor ...
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