Grace Lockhaven
Publisher: Twisted Key Publishing, LLC
Pages: 144

Some kids are afraid of ghosts. Ian Stanley can’t stand them.Life isn’t easy for a kid who sees ghosts. It’s bad enough he’s different from everyone else. It’s even worse that the ghosts are just as mean as his classmates! That’s just reality for Ian Stanley: a kid so weird even his supernatural pals don’t like him.With a mangy cast of murderers following him around, Ian Stanley knows he’s not a normal child. It’s bad enough these psycho specters are out to drive him nuts, but they’re making it hard to fit in. Even his only confidant Madison may not be the friend he really needs. But things for Ian are about to get even more complicated.When a spooky tip comes in that may mean life or death for someone in his neighborhood, Ian finds himself having to choose between what is right and what is deadly. Ghosts may be scary, but in the case of Ian Stanley, the real terror is the unknown.Join ...
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