Kathir RS
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Pages: 79

The Story plot freeze -frames 20 years of IT revolution that happened in India between 1996-2016.That was the time when India Shined, urbanization happened in full swing and unemployment became an archaic word. Non IT sector also boomed as an after effect of globalization.Any student could afford an Engineering degree and most of them got placed in IT and non IT sectors.But these Economic and Financial developments seldom had any impact on the thought process or helped the youth become progressive.Either they were indecisive or blunderers. The new found social status, empowerment, money power etc, made them regressive, rather than progressive. Irrationality and casteism ruled the roost. The very same demons are hyperactive in this generation too, but horrifically enough, this time around, most of the genext embraced them either voluntarily or forcibly, due to parental misguidance.Caste ...
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