T.K. Toppin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 164

Tales from five different worlds…The Legend of the Levi: Agent Serafina Derwynde of the Acquisitions Guild stumbles upon an ancient generation ship. Lured by the prospect of early retirement thanks to the commission such a find would bring her, she boards the old vessel. But she discovers a thriving community, and soon comes to realise that in order to save humanity, she must sacrifice herself.Time Fracture: One man comes to realise that time is being stolen. In his quest to uncover the truth, he learns that he must destroy time and hide from its ever-watchful eyes.The Garoneu Trial: Empress Amiqus Vossen of the Provincial Systems finds herself facing execution. Her failure to murder her husband prevented genocide, but ensured her own death. As she embarks on her final journey, she is forced to perform one last task, one born of desperation by someone who chose to face the ultimate act ...
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