Kathy Oaks
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Pages: 37

New to homeschooling and don’t know where to begin? Follow these ten simple steps to launch your kids’ awesome education.Does preparing for your new learning lifestyle leave you feeling overwhelmed? Nervous that you don’t know what to do first? Afraid you’ll make beginner mistakes that hamper your child’s progress? Bestselling author, speaker, and facilitator Kathy Oaks has been homeschooling since 2003, and is the Parent Liaison at Planet Homeschool Co-op. Now she’s here to share how you too can become expert moms and dads while tackling learning from home.The Homeschoolers Are Not Hermits Quick Start Guide is an engaging resource to keep you calm and equipped while establishing your place within this fantastic community. Whether your kids are only temporarily out of school or this is a permanent leap of faith, Oaks’ suggestions, examples, and lists of “do’s and ...
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