Brenda Clemmons
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
Pages: 198

It’s November in White Pine, Colorado. Everything in music teacher Bethany’s Parson’s life is perfect until she finds out that she has nodules in her throat that threaten her beautiful singing voice. Desperate and afraid, she turns to God for a miracle.Garrett is a writer with a huge chip on his shoulder. Emotionally scarred by a deeply personal loss, followed by a divorce, he moves to White Pine for a short visit and finds that his outlook on life begins to change as he encounters the kindness and faith of the townsfolk.Will Bethany be able to see the hand of God on this new road in her life?Will Garrett be able to open up to Bethany in spite of his past wounds?And when disaster strikes, will it bring them together, or push them apart permanently?Join Bethany and Garrett on their emotional and eye-opening journey in White Pine, Colorado. You’ll meet a town filled with hope and kind ...
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