Jean St. Marie
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 132

If you are looking for a travel guide, this is not the book for you. Jean and her husband, John, are not typical travelers. They spend a month or more in each country, and a week or more in each city. They don't take tours or cruises, they rarely stay in hotels, and they don't spend their days in museums. Instead, they self-navigate through Spain and Portugal using public transportation, renting apartments, and meeting and living with the locals. After retiring, Jean and John took on their first adventure. They needed to learn what to pack, where to stay and how to get around. They had to get used to living the life of the locals, which in Spain, meant eating and sleeping at strange hours. They made a lot of mistakes and had unexpected mishaps. Believing that they finally understood the life and customs of the Spaniards, they returned two more times. Be warned! They still managed to get ...
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