Derek Porterfield
Publisher: TNDMTR Publishing
Pages: 234

THOSE THAT SHAPE HEAVEN ARE ALSO CREATING HELL.Addeleigh Simmons works in a religious building cleaning out suicide booths during the day while attending classes and studying at night. She hopes to soon afford the costly surgeries for the biomedical modifications that all of her friends have. She's singled out as only human: a no-mod.When an armed group of Red Guards breaks into her dormitory she is forced to escape through a third floor window with her pet mute-cat, Bruce. Taken in by a disgruntled cop, named Kel, and a kindly old man called Traves, their small group begins a journey that will expand her entire world.She doesn’t know why she is being chased.She doesn’t know who to trust.But no one outruns the church.Addie is being hunted.Addie is hiding from God.
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