Katie O'Connor
Publisher: Snarky Heart Press
Pages: 432

He’s a professional diver. She’s a witch who controls fire.Fire and water don’t mix…Until evil starts stalking her and destroying their town.Amber Hawk can trace her roots all the way back to the witches of Salem. She’s got astounding magical abilities, including the ability to control fire. Something weird is happening in her peaceful hometown of Three Moon Falls, and Amber suspects dark magic is behind it. The only way she can get to the bottom of all the strange happenings is to team up with the infuriating, sexy man who’s been making her life miserable.Kodiak Wilkins doesn’t believe in hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo. He thinks Amber’s a bit off her rocker, but against his better judgement, he’s attracted to her. Something keeps pushing them together and scary things are happening. He’s going to have to swallow his disbelief and help her out of this dangerous crisis. And in the process ...
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4.5 stars from 34 ratings
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