Shad N. Freud
ASIN: B082Y6G9T4
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 380

The life of a Grand Inquisitor is never easy, as Carl Beaumont can certainly attest. Despite losing a member of his crew, Carl must still lead his group onward, to ensure that the Prophecy is fulfilled, and his world saved. The remaining coins will be easy enough, if his group can survive the horrors of the wrecked research ship Prometheus. Darkspawn around every corner, lethal forcefields, and a sadistic memory core seek to hinder his mission to save his world, as well as Nazi zombies, demons of every stripe available to the forces of the Abyss, and to make matters worse, even after he gets his people through the harrowing gauntlet of surviving the Prometheus, he’ll need to potentially commit heresy by taking a trip to the past in order to fulfill one of the line items needed to complete the thrice damned Prophecy.As if things weren’t bad enough, his least favorite Archduke from Hell ...
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