Joel Cooke
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 297

# Top 100 Sales Rank for January 2020! # Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #98 in Military Science Fiction for January (Kindle Store Australia).‚ÄčIn the dark corners of the city, conspiracy and assassination are a means to an end. Those who stand at the top pull the strings in whatever manner they desire, unopposed by their subordinates, and unchallenged by ethics. But some people are difficult to tame, as not all humans are created equal within the confines of Menilax. A rare gift has spread throughout the Broken Sector, allowing the less fortunate to control parts of existence that normal people could only dream of. But they are tired, poor and homeless, and have been abandoned by the rest of the city due to their volatility.Grey is a man looking to strengthen his constituents and rebuild the Sector, working as much as he can before his time comes to an end. With a track record of blood and ...
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