Katie Knight
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 235

New extended and re-edited version - June 2021.Cora Caspian has been nanny to adorable triplet girls since the day they were born. But when their parents die, she’s stunned when their will dictates that a former Navy SEAL become the girls’ co-guardian with her.She’ll be in charge of the girls’ health and happiness…and William Royce will keep them safe. Of all the men in the hired security firm, William seems to her to be the least likely to take care of three toddlers. He’s all alpha male, muscle, and military might.Having been raised as a military brat, she knows what it’s like to grow up in a home with a man who puts duty first and feelings last. But William is nothing like her father. He takes his job seriously, yet is good with the girls in a way she never could have anticipated. And when he’s alone with Cora, good doesn’t begin to describe how he is…As an orphan with no idea how to ...
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