Lucas Brown
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 390

Two mirrored worlds exist aboard the search and rescue vessel, the Argo. On one side of the glass is a place of fearless action, dominated by a band of brave commandos. The other world exists just beyond the threshold of confidence and swagger. It's a place devoid of fanfare or credit of any kind, where gadgets, gizmos, and spinning clockwork reign supreme. This is the timid realm of the Argo's science officer, Matt Stevens, and his bonded AI program, Amanda.As a man of science, Matt Stevens prides himself on understanding the mechanics behind everything in the universe. But one secret thing has repeatedly eluded the onslaught of beakers, calipers, and microscopes. Matt's lucid dreams have been haunted by the same mysterious woman since childhood. His logic-driven mind has successfully managed to dismiss her, explaining away her constant presence as nothing more than a deep groove worn ...
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