Jenna Grey
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 239

The day Talisha was born was the happiest day of Bryony’s life. It didn’t matter to her that the baby’s father was long gone; it didn’t matter to her that she would have to cope as an unmarried mum – all she knew was that was going to give her daughter all the love she had to give. That was on Monday. On Tuesday Bryony’s world collapsed. Now Bryony has to face a terrible truth. The baby in the crib next to her isn’t her baby. The creature that stares up at her is something monstrous, something inhuman and no matter how much she protests that the baby isn’t hers, nobody will believe her. Desperate for help, Bryony and her friend Brook look for answers in the most unlikely places and eventually turn to a gipsy called Orlanda for help. Orlanda tells Bryony the terrible truth: Her baby has been stolen and the creature that has been put in its place is a Changeling. Bryony is ...
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