Bee Brooks
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 149

A hardworking cowboy in danger of losing the ranch, his friend who built herself a new life, and the proposal that could cost them everything.Eldon needs a wife to keep the old family ranch. But marrying is a problem – because secretly, his heart has always belonged to his sweet childhood friend.Up-and-coming actress Kay is supposed to be in love with the movie’s hero - but she’d rather rake hay at high noon than kiss that particular actor. Told to fake feelings or get out, she’s about to lose everything.Eldon’s time on the ranch is running out, and Kay can’t face losing her career. But when Eldon decides to coach Kay through her block, helping out might bring even this tough cowboy to his knees. Love is easy - but spice it up with reality, and romance on the ranch gets real complicated, real quick.If you like endless skies, witty banter, and a happily-ever-after, you don’t want to miss ...
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