Jesikah Sundin
Publisher: Forest Tales Publishing
Pages: 226

DREAMS ARE DANGEROUSUnless she unlocks the powers of her mind.He fights his Otherworld shadow self.And with only fae magic to re-spin their tales.Princess Æroreh Rosen was faerie blessed before her birth. To promote the New Dawn Era, the Queen coded her daughter with every feminine perfection.Beauty. Gentleness. Obedience. Musicality. Kindness. Grace. Good cheer. Hunger and lung sickness plague the Kingdom of Ealdspell. But Æroreh is plugged into The Dream, a program created by a sect of faeries to control the realms through illusions of beauty and contentment. All Æroreh has ever known is blissful servitude to a cursed system, and she believes her realm is prospering. Until a different faerie sect decides to wake her sleeping mind and set her true magic free.Meanwhile, Félip Batten MacKinley holds a dangerous secret. One made more threatening by the frostbite scar across his cheek. ...
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