Jesikah Sundin
Publisher: Forest Tales Publishing
Pages: 249

Her reality is a dream. His is a nightmare.Beauty. Gentleness. Obedience. Grace. Good cheer.Faerie blessed at birth, Princess Æroreh Rosen was molded into feminine perfection for the queen’s agenda of a New Dawn Era.But the realm of Rothlín is far from perfect.Hunger and sickness plague the factory-choked land. Æroreh, however, is oblivious to the plight of her people. Or her mother’s cruelty. Plugged into The Dream, she is programmed to remain awake and only see a prospering realm through illusions of beauty and contentment. But all that changes when a rebel sect of faeries releases her mind and unleashes her magic—the power to weave new realities while dreaming.Now on the run, Æroreh’s unspooling world collides with Félip Batten McKinley’s, a shadow walker and the surviving heir to the throne of faerie. The very throne the queen maneuvers to annihilate. And why the faeries hid him as ...
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