T.M. Bashford
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 99

Three’s a crowd, especially when one is a stalker…Sienna Chase is having the worst day of her adult life—kicked out of her nursing program, dumped by her boyfriend, and to top it off, followed home by creepy Dr. Charles Allerton.Flying back to her parents’ home on Cape Cod to take stock of her life ends up triggering the trauma of her sister’s death twenty years earlier. Thank goodness for Blue Rafter, the boy she gave her first kiss to at the age of eight. He’s all grown up and their chemistry is instant.Except Dr. Allerton turns up, scaring her with frightening gifts and messages, and Sienna needs to figure out why she’s hiding evidence to protect him. The police don’t take her seriously. Her parents think she’s drinking too much to numb her memories. Her only ally is Blue... and he’s trying to save her from herself. Until Dr. Allerton’s final gift . . . If you love a suspenseful ...
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4 stars from 78 ratings
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