Andrew Tan, ABF Publishing
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 26

The Ultimate Guide into Having Smooth Holiday In JapanNow that you’re planning your first visit to Japan, you must be a bit anxious about many things regarding your visit e.g. understanding the people, the culture, the dos and don’ts, the religious practices, places to visit, things to do, best times to visit and so much more. Well, worry not though; this guide shall equip you with the basic knowledge you need to make your stay in Japan a smooth and exciting ride (and most importantly, help you avoid a culture shock).The many tips in this book will help you appreciate Japan in ways otherwise not open to many travelers to the land of the rising sun. This book shall help you understand why Japanese do some things a certain way; it will also reveal to you that Japanese are more than willing to engage with you, and if you know what to do, not to do, and the cultural non-no’s to avoid, you ...
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