Glynn Stewart
Publisher: Faolan's Pen Publishing
Pages: 340

A starfighter squadron driven to desertionHunted by friends and enemies alikeWith one final hope for a new beginningThe last reward Kira Demirci expected for heroism in a time of war was to spend the rest of her life dodging assassins—but when her government betrays her as part of their surrender, she and her comrades flee the star system of Apollo to the edge of civilized space.The Syntactic Cluster is disorganized, disunified, and in desperate need of the nova fighters Kira smuggled out of Apollo with her. With an entire squadron supposed to follow in her wake, it falls to her to build a new home for her comrades.But their enemy’s reach may be longer than her worst nightmares—and even her new friends may not be all that they appear…
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