Ellie Troyer
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 42

Rebecca Yoder had come back to her Amish community after her year of rumspringa, committing herself to the community and her faith. But the delivery man for the local grain store, Jimmy Knox, had caught her eye and eventually her heart. Following a fateful kiss with Jimmy, Rebecca’s family gives her an ultimatum -she can go with Jimmy and leave their community, or she can stay with her family and lose Jimmy. After days of agonizing, she chooses her faith, but by then, the local village basically shuns her. Rebecca’s parents decide it would be best if she moves in with her grandfather two towns away, to take care of him as his health declines. They feel that by removing her from their home, they will no longer face the condemnation of the community for her relationship with Jimmy, and maybe she can find a man who would forgive her past. Becca moves in with her grandfather, and toils ...
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