Michael C. Bland
Publisher: World Castle Publishing, LLC
Pages: 337

“Exceptional worldbuilding and non-stop action combined with heart and compelling characters make Bland’s debut a must-read sci-fi book.”—Jennifer Brody, award-winning author of The 13th ContinuumBy 2047, no crime in America goes unsolved. No wrongdoing goes unseen.When Dray Quintero learns his nineteen-year-old daughter Raven committed a heinous act, he covers it up to save her life. This pits him against the police he’s respected since he was a child and places him in the crosshairs of Kieran, a ruthless federal Agent. To survive, Dray must overcome the surveillance system he helped build and the technology implanted in people’s heads, for everyone has a microcomputer in their brain and computer-screen lenses in their eyes.Forced to turn to a domestic terrorist group to protect his family—as they’re the only ones willing to fight the government—Dray tries to resist joining their cause ...
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4.5 stars from 99 ratings
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