Cat Phoenix
ASIN: B083W29VF5
Publisher: Thievery Afoot Ink
Pages: 571

It happened back in college. Trinity's controlling boyfriend, Paxton, and her pre-law best friend, Miles, hated each other. Paxton accused her of being secretly in love with Miles. She swore she wasn't.Miles warned her Paxton was dangerous and inevitably abusive. She promised Pax never laid a hand on her.But things escalated. Mistakes were made. And, in the end, both men were right.Now Paxton is in prison, and she hasn't seen Miles in five years since they cut ties. She finally feels safe moving back home to Summit and opening her dream coffee shop, but all too soon, she runs into Miles. Five years apart suddenly feels like five minutes, and she's still hurt and angry enough to push him away.Despite their past, Miles isn't so intent on avoiding her. Turns out he became a cop. And what do cops like? Coffee. And Trinity makes excellent coffee.To complicate matters, Paxton gets ...
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