Diego Soto Vega
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 184

Pura Vida Language, the book you can't not have when you visit Costa Rica!You are heading to a wonderful experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, for sure you will need to know how to communicate with Costa Ricans, Pura Vida Language will help you with that.This eBook will show you useful information about Spanish and Costa Rica's culture, this is not an Spanish course, no no! This is a guide that gives you phrases along with vocabulary for different situations that as a tourist, you will experience in Costa Rica.Do you want to order a "Gallo Pinto" at the restaurant and the waiter does not speak English? No worries! Pura Vida Language, will sort this out.When you download this eBook you will see that it does not only contains conversations and vocabulary, it also includes tips of what you need to do in determined scenarios, for example, did you know that when you ...
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