Bob Mayer
Publisher: Cool Gus
Pages: 208

Updated April 2021. The book starts with critical life-saving medical information. Then the first five things to do in an emergency. From there it cover the five critical areas: first aid, water, food, shelter and fire.This book lays out how to survive from mild, to moderate, to extreme emergencies in a logical flow.Water and food procurement. Building shelter. Fire starting. Navigating and tracking. Specific environments. First Aid.Then man-made threats and natural disasters are covered, one by one. Next, ‘bugging out’ and the hide site. A key stage, scavenging, ignored in other survival manuals, is covered in detail under stockpile, scavenge and sustain.It goes into the wide array of specific 
situations: pandemic, flood, earthquake, tornado, 
hurricane, tsunami, wildfire, drought, heat wave,
 blizzard, nuclear-biological-chemical incidents,
 terrorism, crime, riots, dangerous plants
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