C.L.R. Draeco
Publisher: Amaranth Publishing
Pages: 452

A bold blend of hard science fiction and the supernaturalThe first book in a series tracing the origins of the science of ImmortologyBram Morrison, an aspiring astronaut, has always believed that death is where it all ends. Until he gets a phone call from a dead friend.He tries to dismiss it as somebody’s bad joke, but the chilling mystery proves far too compelling. When Torula Jackson, a botanist, tells him her laboratory might be haunted, she offers him a chance to investigate—and he dares to look behind death’s door.That choice puts a risk on his lifelong dream. NASA wants him to deepen the science of our world—not the afterworld. Exploring the bizarre is a sure way to invite ridicule. But his deepening relationship with Torula, compounded by a twist of circumstances, compels him to stay and chase the supernatural.With each equation and each experiment, he gets closer to the answers ...
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4.5 stars from 32 ratings
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