Harper B. Cole
Publisher: Surrendered Press
Pages: 161

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re searching for until you find it.Working at Café Om has been anything but boring for omega Stan. Between breaking a foot and helping to save a co-worker from certain death, he’s ready to be bored...very, very bored. When the head managerial position opens up at the smallest and most rural location, he jumps at the opportunity, more than ready to embrace the quiet life. Funny thing about that...life doesn’t tend to stay quiet long.Alpha and television celebrity Chet, host of Coffee, Cafés, and Corner Stores, loves his life traveling the country finding new out-of-the-way places with something unique and fabulous. He loves meeting new people, finding new dishes, and tasting the best coffee different regions of the country have to offer. If only it wasn’t so lonely.The magic of Café Om isn't only in the bean. When Chet arrives in the small ...
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