Anna McCluskey
ASIN: B0842C217X
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 145

She's cursed, surrounded by idiots, and can't find the corkscrew. Something's got to give.Twenty-nine years ago, Joan's first grade teacher, suffering from a migraine, put a curse on her entire class, giving them an electric jolt and taking away their sight and voices. The symptoms faded the next day, but there’s reason to believe it’ll be back soon – and it’s already starting for some.As adults, Joan and a core group of her classmates have been racing against the clock, sifting through any info they can find on the supernatural, with no success. So when Joan comes across a skeleton key that gives her that same jolt, she hopes this may be their first real lead. She calls in reinforcements and they all descend on her house - a stuffy neuroscientist, a yoga teacher to the stars, a pot-smoking ghost hunter, and her sexy on-again-off-again boyfriend.Will Joan be able to find the antidote to ...
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