Brenda Clemmons
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 106

When the small town of Silver Ridge needs a math teacher, the high school calls Brad Maxwell, the prodigal son who left town years ago, after a terrible end to his engagement, and never looked back. Now, Brad sees an opportunity to fix his mistakes and win back the love of his life.When Mayor Valentine Anderson finds out that her former fiancé has returned to town—in the middle of the insanely busy Valentine’s season—she has little time to worry about the two of them reconnecting. Then Brad shows up in her office … and it’s obvious the spark is as strong as ever between them.But can she ever forgive him?Will Daniel Bowden come between them yet again?And when Valentine lands herself in terrible danger, will help arrive before it’s too late to tell Brad what she’s realized?Read all the books in Surprise Valentine Love Story Romance by bestselling author Brenda ...
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