Ellie St. Clair
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 280

Will he honor his promises and hold his family together?Callum McDougall’s fate has never been in question. He will follow in his father’s footsteps and become chieftain of his clan. A clan that is struggling in a Scotland where their very way of life is threatened by the industrial revolutions that are leaving them behind. All of that, however, will have to wait. For when Callum’s cousin, Gregor, goes missing, there is no one else Callum trusts to find him, leading him to embark on a journey that might just change his life forever.Will she have her freedom, no matter the cost?Victoria should have listened to her aunt’s warnings. But the time for regrets is not necessarily while hanging off the trellis outside of a duke’s second-story window. After nearly being manipulated by her stepfather into a marriage orchestrated for his own financial gain, Victoria Brighton escapes just ...
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5 stars from 21 ratings
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